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Wide headbands to skinny headbands, this is an easy way to find all the headband options in your favorite size.

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Dotted Grosgrain Extra Wide Basic Headband - 2 3/14" scarf like design with a comfortable fit.  Adjusts to any headsize and does not cause pain behind the ears.  Enjoy this fun summer polka dot style, perfect with a sundress, jeans or swimwear.  


    The best dotted hairband you'll ever wear! Comfortable, lightweight, and a unique adjustable fit to your head.  Polka Dots are always in, retro goes modern with this look.  Our dotted ribbon is of a vintage millinery quality.  They don't make ribbon like this anymore!


      Bengaline Padded Extra Wide Headband - A grosgrain fabric padded wide headband will add a lift to your style.  Padded headbands are on the runways, get the original retro look from Jennifer.  Its comfortable and adjustable.  This fabric can be worn anytime of year and with casual or dressy looks.  


        This is our best selling headband with delicate bow tie at the side. Girls & women love this style.  This headband can be casual or fancy, add it to any look year round.  Handmade by Jennifer Ouellette Studios, ethically produced.


          Bengaline Basic Padded Hair Band - The best size for any face shape and hair length 1 1/2" wide with padding for a little height added to your look.  A classic year round retro look.  Comfortable and adjustable to fit you.


            Add a classic band of color to you style with our narrow patent leather headband.  This headband is also available in metallic leathers, silver & gold.  Squeeze to fit your head!  It won't break! A super comfortable way to hold your hair back and add a bit of shiny color.   A Classic Style in...


              1/4" Wide Classic Super Skinny Headband Wrapped with Luxurious Swiss Satin Ribbon. Available in Assorted Colors. Perfect for an Added Touch for any Day


                Shocking Neon Color in a Simple Narrow Band.  Jazz Up Any Look and Capture Attention!


                  Classic Jennifer Ouellette Basic Style Headband in Retro Stripes.  This 2" wide stripe suits women 12 and up.  A fashion staple for every wardrobe, this striped headband is always in style.  Our best selling designs are the most comfortable headbands you'll ever wear.  After 22 years in business...


                    Extra Wide Satin Basic - Made with Luxurious Swiss Satin Ribbon - Choose your pop of color, or classic black.  This headband is  2 3/4" Wide and creates the look of a scarf, without the work of tying it in the back.  Adjusts easily to fit your head comfortably all day.  A proven painless...


                      Made with Luxurious Swiss Satin Ribbon 2" Wide Headband A Classic for Any Bride or Bridesmaid


                        Extra Wide Stripe Headband - made of grosgrain ribbon  2 3/4" wide.  This headband creates a scarf look with out having to tie it at the back of your neck.  Adjustable to any head size by bending the ends inwards or outward.  Get the original design from Jennifer Ouellette.  The most comfortable...


                          Basic Extra Wide Grosgrain Headband -- looks like a scarf, and never goes out of style  Adjust the fit for any head size and hair cut!  2 3/4" Wide  Classic Style


                            2" Wide Basic Jennifer Ouellette Original Headband - don't settle for the imposters!  Experience the difference!


                              Felt Animal Print Jackie O Style With Soutache Bow Trimmed Headband


                                Basic Wide Swiss Satin Headband With Satin Bow Side Detail. Approximately 2" Wide. Gwen has one too!


                                  A must have hair accessory for all sophisticated fashionistas!  Wear our basic black patent headband with holiday velvet, a summer dress or jeans.  Choose from the patent and metallic colors for your headband. Add it to your style all year round, it is an everlasting classic chic look that will...


                                    Grosgrain Ribbon Braided Headband with Padding for extra height.

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