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Classic Jennifer Ouellette Basic Style Headband in Retro Stripes.  This 2" wide stripe suits women 12 and up.  A fashion staple for every wardrobe, this striped headband is always in style.  Our best selling designs are the most comfortable headbands you'll ever wear.  After 22 years in business...


Bengaline Basic Padded Hair Band - The best size for any face shape and hair length.  The width is 1 1/2" wide with padding for a little height added to your look.  A classic year round retro look. 


    Velvet print basic padded hair band - the best size for any face shape and hair length.  The width is 1 1/2" wide with padding for a little height added to your look. A classic year round retro look. This gorgeous piece is next fashionista favorite. Designed by Jennifer Ouellette in NYC. It also...


    Metallic tulle bow on hair elastic - this ponytail holder is made of a soft sparkly tulle.  Be the life of the party or add a sparkle to your outfit of the day.


      Satin basic padded headband - The best size for any face shape and hair length 1 1/2" wide with padding for a little height added to your look.  A classic year round retro look.  Comfortable and adjustable to fit you.


      1/4" Wide Classic Super Skinny Headband Wrapped with Luxurious Swiss Satin Ribbon. Available in Assorted Colors. Perfect for an Added Touch for any Day

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        Made with Luxurious Swiss Satin Ribbon 2" Wide Headband A Classic for Any Bride or Bridesmaid


          Solid Grosgrain Extra Wide Center Knot Turban Headband This turban is a Jennifer Ouellette favorite!  Modern meets vintage to add the perfect touch of glamour to your look.  Highlight your face with a turban to match your eye color!   Or get your essential black turban to accent your style all...


            Gems on Basic 1/2" Satin Headband. This headband is made of black, purple, and red gems on a turquoise base.  Each gem is placed by hand by Jennifer and her artisans, the arrangement is unique to each piece.  Wear this headband to sparkle with a dress or jeans.  Adjust to fit any head shape by...


              Velvet Baseball Cap with Tiny Velvet Knot on Top


                Velvet Petite Beret Fascinator with Long Back Bow


                  Create your own look with the long ribbons of this skinny velvet band. Wear it tied behind the neck or wrap it around your head and tie it in the front. Choose the colors of your favorite team like the Met's orange (Capucine) and royal. It's also a gorgeous style headband with 2 neutral colors....


                    Our Super Nova style fascinator made of velvet. Dimensional loops create a spacial design that is modern and fascinating. This headpiece is light weight and very easy to wear. Get this vintage inspired style and experience the mystique of hats. 


                      Frida inspired ruffle headband is made from finest quality velvets! This turban is a Jennifer Ouellette signature headband. Like Frida, we love flowers in our hair. This headband is a winter velvet interpretation of her inspiring looks. This style can be made to order just for you. Choose the...


                        Velvet Skinny Headband Trimmed with Rhinestone Sprays and Bow


                        Velvet Turban Headwrap,  Wrap up this winter with this hat alternative made in jewel toned velvets and classic black. It covers your ears and can be worn many ways. It’s a headwrap that is functional and fashionable.  Perfect fit for any headsize. Made of comfortable velvet that does not collect...


                          The essential animal print turban headband for this Fall.  Cat prints are always in style and this turban shape looks great on all all face shapes.  It even looks great with short hair. All of all headbands are adjustable to fit your heads size. This is the most comfortable headband in the world,...


                          Animal print velvet side knot turban headband. Leopard is rocking this season. Get your cat on with this leopard velvet headband. This is our best selling Lana headband shape.

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