Straw & Raffia

Summer headbands made of straw and raffia.

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Millinery Large Bow Flat Bow Headpiece in Pagalina Straw Trimmed at Side Available in Many Colors


    Best Selling Turban Now in 7 New Colors: Surf, Sunshine, RWB, Jamaica, Beach, Sabrina, Deep Sea


      Colored Stitch Straw Center Divot Turban - Our Jane Shaped turban is an ongoing favorite from Jennifer Ouellette fans. Available in Many Fun Color Combos


        Toyo Straw Headband with Center Divot  Turban available in Many Colors


          Skinny Hand Painted Toyo Straw Headband.  Approximately 1/4" Wide


          Toyo Straw Abstract Headpiece - Wide straw headband with a large art deco styled bow that drapes over the headband.  


            Toyo Millinery Straw Bow on Grosgrain Skinny Band.  Millinery Owes its Secret to the Element of Surprise!


              Colored Stitch Straw Side Knot Turban, Fabulous Iridescent Color!


                Straw Butterflies 50s Inspired Headpiece .  Handcrafted by Jennifer Ouellette's Artisans Pictured: Black & Wheat


                  Toyo Straw Asymmetrical Bow Trimmed Headpiece Available in Many Colors


                    Valentine Turban with Center Bow - Choose your Two-tone Turban effect.


                      Toyo Straw Center Knot Turban with Contrast Edge Available in Many Colors


                        Colored Stitch Straw Abstract Architecture Loop Headpiece.  Available in Many Color Stitch Combos


                          Italian Raffia Center Knot Turban Headband - Bacall Silhouette Stunning Addition to Your Ensemble


                            Center Knot Hand Painted Straw Turban Headband, Inspired by Brooklyn Street Art


                            Toyo 1" Wide Band With Matching Satin Side Bow. Choose your Favorite Toyo Color, Comes with Matching Satin Bow.


                              Twiggys - Millinery Toyo Straw Wrapped Skinny Headbands.  


                                Toyo Skinny With Side Tie Pictured:  Natural, Peachy Pink, Marine, Lavender Heather, Charcoal, Green, Aqua, Red


                                  Classic Millinery Turban Features Signature Straw,  Matte Toyo Straw. Handcrafted by Jennifer Ouellette's Artisans Pictured: Grey Heather, Coral, White


                                    Best Selling Style! Colored Stitch Straw Headband in Amazing Colors. All color combinations unique to Jennifer Ouellette.


                                      Colored Stitch Straw Large Side Bow Headpiece.  Created with unique color combinations of straw and thread.  A unique technique signature by Jennifer Ouellette.


                                        Italian Raffia Basic Wide Headband on Stretch Elastiic Band Perfect size for all!  


                                          Raffia Braid Side Hat Adorned with Side Bow and Glass Fruit Charm On Raffia Braid Headband Pictured: Wheat


                                            "The City Scape Headpiece is a tilted pagoda shape made of colored pagalina straw.  After 9/11, I designed this piece as tribute to the resilience of NYC. New Yorkers united to keep the city's momentum going. Towers and shops reach to the sky, green trees represent New York City's peaceful parks,...

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