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Our classic Blair turban in elegant velvet version. This retro headband is handmade from best quality fabrics carefully selected by Jennifer's team. It's timeless proposition and suits every occasion! 


    Side Bow Headband is handmade in our New York's studio from finest quality velvets. It will add glamour touch to your look. Jennifer uses her needle and thread as an artist uses pencil and paint, she applies her manual sewing techniques to her millinery sculptures with loving detail. 


      This double bow fascinator is made from finest quality components like velvet and veiling. You can also fold the veil over the top of the headband for an additional look. This style can be made to order just for you.  Choose the perfect color to suit your style.


        You can play with our bengaline veiling covered Carolina headband mixing fabric colors by your own. Create the one that perfectly suits your stylization! By purchasing a Jennifer Ouellette headband you are supporting fair trade fashion. Knowledge is power! Know where your fashion is made.


          This gorgeous headpiece is must have in every fashionista wardrobe! Elegant headband with large bow from handmade best quality bengaline. Our headbands are like little hats. They are built with the finest ingredients by hand to last a lifetime. This style is no exception.


            This couture headpiece is handmade from bengaline - fabric inspired by antique ribbon (grosgrain) what gives it elegance and chic. It's perfect for big nights out, important events and big ceremonies. You can also add some vanguard to your everyday life and wear this unique headpiece on a casual...


            This abstract leaves headpiece is handmade form bengaline - fabric inspired by antique ribbon, both of them have exactly the sam structure. This fabric has timeless chic look. This is style headband. is the perfect topper for any occasion. By purchasing a Jennifer Ouellette headband you are...


              Luxurious velvet earmuff with center bow. This headpiece is perfect for winter colds. It will warm your head and give you unique, elegant look! Get one of our best selling earmuffs and experience the difference.


                Faux Fur Earmuff with Mohair Lining. A perfect compliment for your winter outfit!


                Detachable velvet fabric large bow ponytail handmade with attention to every detail in our New York's studio. When you get bored of traditional bow form you can detach it and wear it as couture scarf. This gorgeous piece is next fashionista favorite. Designed by Jennifer Ouellette in NYC. 


                  This retro turban is one of our best selling silhouettes. It's made from finest quality bengaline. Stay fashionable all year with our Turbanista headband. It also has an adjustable head size! It's the most comfortable headband you will ever wear!


                    Leather beret cap headpiece handmade from lambskin with attention to every detail in our New York's studio. This vintage styled cup is perfect finish of your outfit. It's timeless design which you can use year round. 


                      Finesse headband made of elegant tulle. This is a best selling Jennifer Ouellette silhouette! flattering for all at any age, this headband has proven its design perfection. Put a little punk rock in your ballerina look, or simply frame your pretty face while wearing your favorite T-shirt.  


                        Swiss Satin Turban Trimmed with Rhinestones Bridal Birdcage Face Veil Add a Little Sparkle to Your Wedding Day


                          Cotton Braid Check Houndstooth Patterned Center Turban Headband. Padded headband for more height. Super turban look.


                           This turban appears like a leather hat turban and is worn on top of the ears.  It's handmade from leather. There is many colors available. The most comfortable headbands you will ever wear. Adjust the fit to your head size by bending the ends to reduce or enlarge the circumference of the headband.


                            Fedora with medium brim and colored stitch detail.  Felt is a matte texture.


                            The perfect beret made of velour felt. This beret is always in style. It is made of the best quality velour textured rabbit fur. It has a side fold to that gives this hat dimension. All hats have an adjustable fit and come with a 3 year service warranty. Made in New York City, USA.


                              This feminine bow headband in made of a grosgrain type fabric called bengaline.  This is our best selling bow headband women of all ages! and girls 12 and up.  Jennifer Ouellette's couture bows are part of her millinery technique.  Each one is created by hand in her studios in NYC and the Dom....


                                Jennifer Ouellette famous earmuffs - turban with center bow. The modern earmuffs with vintage appeal. Irresistible style for the woman on the go. Guaranteed to catch attention and keep your ears from the cold!


                                  Turban headpiece made of soft lambskin. Our Turbanista is the widest turban headband available on the website. This retro chic headwear is one of our customer favorites! Get one of our best selling headbands and experience the difference.


                                    Braided velvet ribbon with padding for full headpiece Look. This headband is made from best quality velvet ribbons carefully selected by our New York's team. You can choose from many color varieties! 

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