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This retro piece of are is made from luxurious velvet ribbon and elegant bengaline. You can wear it year round and it suits every occasion from elegant nights out to casual days at work. Jennifer combines her knowledge of vintage fashion with her NYC style to create modern millinery.


    Our classic draper silhouette in shiny version. It's made from best quality sparkling tule. This retro turban is perfect for any big night out! Wear our metallic headband and become queen of the party! Our headbands are like little hats.  They are built with the finest ingredients by hand to last...


      Grosgrain side bow trimmed face veil. It's made from elegant antique ribbon and gorgeous veiling. This headband is perfect not only for dinner parties, but also for big night out. One thing is certain - wearing our fascinator you will be a queen of every party! 


      This gorgeous headpiece is must have in every fashionista wardrobe! Elegant headband with large bow from handmade best quality velvets. Our headbands are like little hats. They are built with the finest ingredients by hand to last a lifetime. This style is no exception.


        This classic center divot earmuff is made from finest quality velvets carefully selected by our team. It's perfect solution for cold wintery days. You'll stay warm and fashionable all winter. Voila! Another beautiful piece of millinery from Jennifer Ouellette.


          Bengaline Basic Padded Hair Band - The best size for any face shape and hair length.  The width is 1 1/2" wide with padding for a little height added to your look.  A classic year round retro look. 


            Our classic Carolina silhouette in animal print velvet version. Get your cat on with this leopard velvet headband. The most comfortable headbands you will ever wear. Adjust the fit to your head size by bending the ends to reduce or enlarge the circumference of the headband.


            This large bow headpiece is wilder version of our classic Carolina silhouette. It's handmade from the softest lambskin and has significant for us, bengaline lining. It will turn every boring outfit into interesting chic stylization! 


              Black and Ivory are always in style!  Choose your color to finish an upbeat look for winter! Pictured is Black Grosgrain, eggshell velvet and lavender grosgrain.


              Our classic turban made from combination of finest quality bengaline and velvet. Experience the difference! You’ll fall in love with our style and quality.  Nothing can compare.


                Classic side turban made from velvet and bengaline. It's retro everyday solution for every fashionista! All of our headbands have an adjustable fit.  Bend the ends inward to reduce the circumference for a smaller size or outward to make the headband bigger.


                  One of our best selling silhouettes handmade from combination of bengaline and velvet. You can wear this Carolina headbands on casual days at work and for elegant nights out! Choose from many colors varieties!

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                    Showing 1 - 30 of 156 items