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Multi Color Stripe Straw with Grosgrain Ribbon Deco Headband.  


Multi Color Straw and with Grosgrain Ribbon Center Turban Headband


Multi Floral Headpiece with Vintage Leaves, Organza Flowers and Vintage Roses


Linen Padded Headband Trimmed at Side with Big Asymmetrical Bow


Bengaline Basic Padded Hair Band - The best size for any face shape and hair length 1 1/2" wide with padding for a little height added to your look.  A classic year round retro look.  Comfortable and adjustable to fit you.


    Bengaline Padded Extra Wide Headband - A grosgrain fabric padded wide headband will add a lift to your style.  Padded headbands are on the runways, get the original retro look from Jennifer.  Its comfortable and adjustable.  This fabric can be worn anytime of year and with casual or dressy looks.  


      Silk Chiffon Headband with long ties that can be tied to make a bow on the side or the back


        Grosgrain Stripe Extra Wide Headband with Contrasting Center Grosgrain Stripe Divot

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        Showing 31 - 60 of 288 items