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Grosgrain Ribbon Braided Headband with Padding for extra height.


    Swiss satin millinery bow attached to a skinny satin headband.  A feminine and modern design that is flattering on any face.  This silhouette is a best selling headband for women and girls age 5 and up. Mothers & daughters love to share.  Adjusts easy to fit your head and very comfortable....


      Linen Turban Headband with Matching Toyo Trim. Toyo Trim has Criss Croos Detail on Side


        Bengaline Basic Padded Hair Band - The best size for any face shape and hair length 1 1/2" wide with padding for a little height added to your look.  A classic year round retro look.  Comfortable and adjustable to fit you.


          Bengaline Padded Extra Wide Headband - A grosgrain fabric padded wide headband will add a lift to your style.  Padded headbands are on the runways, get the original retro look from Jennifer.  Its comfortable and adjustable.  This fabric can be worn anytime of year and with casual or dressy looks.  


            This feminine bow headband in made of a grosgrain type fabric called bengaline.  This is our best selling bow headband women of all ages! and girls 12 and up.  Jennifer Ouellette's couture bows are part of her millinery technique.  Each one is created by hand in her studios in NYC and the Dom....


              Grosgrain Stripe Extra Wide Headband with Contrasting Center Grosgrain Stripe Divot


              Denim Wide Headband with Contrast Stitch with Elastic. Perfect fit for all!  Causal chic with your favorite pair of Blue Jeans! 


                "Bengaline Center Turban Headbandn nHARLOW is a narrow turban headband with a small knot detail. It is our most slender sized turban and tapers behind the ear for an easy fit. The widest part at the sides measures 2.25"". It is a great fit for everyone."


                  Bengaline Two Tone Wide Headband with Contrast Bengaline Combo.n


                    Glitter Headband made of Metallic Tulle.  This is a Best Selling Jennifer Ouellette Silhouette!


                      Straw Butterflies 50s Inspired Headpiece .  Handcrafted by Jennifer Ouellette's Artisans Pictured: Black & Wheat


                        Intertwined Satin Turbans, Tri-colored Headpiece Inspired by Frida Kahlo


                        Bengaline Fabric Covered with Veiling Headband with Loop Bow at Side.


                          Silk Chiffon Headband with long ties that can be tied to make a bow on the side or the back


                            Draped chiffon extra wide headband with side knot bow. Made with 100% silk.

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