Jennifer Ouellette and Kate Middleton both love fascinators. No need to worry about having a hat head with your fascinator,  its the perfect hat for wearing your hair up or down.  Be daring or demure with so many choices of styles to coordinate with any look.
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Velvet Petite Beret Fascinator with Long Back Bow


    Side Bow Headpiece in Rose Silk Print Fabric. Very Chic Looking Headpiece!


    Dotted Tulle Headpiece Trimmed with Center Back Bow and with Side Tilt


    Satin Headpiece Fascinator with Veiling Accented with Bow at Back Available in More Colors


      Linen Titled Headpiece with Back Toyo Divot and Side Toyo Braid


        Wool Tweed/Boucle Beret Cap Headpiece. Easy To Wear Beret!


          Fluid Multi Color Painted Silk Tilted Headpiece - Silhouette is very 1940s.


          Trimmed on Abstract Triangle Shaped Recycled Felt Pieces HeadbandnBeautiful Organized Chaos!n


            Velour Felt Headpiece With Tilts, Angles and Folds.  Superb flattering shape! Fascinate like a Dali Painting!


              Handmade Velvet Roses Trimmed on Skinny Headband. Luxurious Handmade Headpiece.  nThe three velvet roses are created by using a vintage method of ribbon art construction. Many yards of ribbon are required to create full and beautiful shaped flowers.  This is truly a couture fashion statement...


                Heart Shaped Felt Fascinator - Dish Shape on side of headband 


                  Metallic Tulle Fascinator Trimmed on Black Grosgrain Skinny Headband


                  Petite Trilby on Headband - Perfect for the girl on the go, who wants to wear her hair up or down! The best fast fashion!


                    Sheer Millinery Fascinator Headpiece Trimmed with Toyo Knot


                      Romantic Luxurious Velour Felt Large Side Bow with Birdcage Face Veil Vintage Style 


                      Timeless Style Colored Stitch Trilby Headpiece with Side Bow Trim Pictured: Williamsburg


                        Felt 5 Petal Flower Headpiece Trimmed with Felt Leaves on Headband.  The petals can be worn flat as a beret or flipped up to add some height and pizzazz.

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