Women's Winter Hats - Women's Fall Accessories

City style needs to be warm in the winter, keep your heat contained with one of our winter hats.  Select from our fedoras, newsboy caps, earmuffs, trilbys, and bowlers.  Or see what pops from our selection of fabrics, velvets, felts, or faux fur.  All hats have three year service warranty with purch...

Women's Winter Hats - Women's Fall Accessories

City style needs to be warm in the winter, keep your heat contained with one of our winter hats.  Select from our fedoras, newsboy caps, earmuffs, trilbys, and bowlers.  Or see what pops from our selection of fabrics, velvets, felts, or faux fur.  All hats have three year service warranty with purchase.  

Our women's hat and headband collection is millinery art for the modern woman. Choose your winter topper from this season's richest fabrics and elegant styles. Modern hat styles for winter warmth and beauty.   The collection includes Berets, Earmuffs, Fedoras, Bowlers, Velvet headbands Fascinators, Women’s Turbans, and Fedora Hats

Express yourself with a hat or hair accessory this season.  Its time to take your style to the next level this winter, shake things up and get noticed.  Shop our hats for women and you'll find feminine styles mixed with unisex styles.  Purchase a hat with your boyfriend, hats are for sharing! 

Looking for a hat alternative? Buy fair trade fashion and shop our other winter accessories styles..ponytail elastics, hair bands, hair sticks, and hair clips, are a great way to color this grey winter. Be eye-catching and melt the ice!



  • Headbands
    Women's winter headwear designed by Jennifer Ouellette, modern millinery with a twist.  Accent your daily style or any occasion.
  • Ponytail Holders &...
    Winter hair accessories, ponytail holders, barrettes, hair pins, and more.  Ethically made by hand using couture millinery techniques.  Sophisticated looks to decorate your hairstyles.
  • Hats
    Custom order hats to fit your head size.  Winter felt hats are made by hand on our antique hat blocks.  Classic cap and fedora shapes in wool, leather, and suede.

    TURBAN HATS FOR WOMEN.  Fashion Turban that fits close to the head for a chic look.

  • Visors
    Fall fashion visors provide a bit of shade while looking chic.
  • Fascinators
    Jennifer Ouellette and Kate Middleton both love fascinators. No need to worry about having a hat head with your fascinator,  its the perfect hat for wearing your hair up or down.  Be daring or demure with so many choices of styles to coordinate with any look.
  • Face Veils

    Women's Face Veils - Birdcage Veils for Parties and Weddings

    Highlight your face and add mystery to your evening look with our birdcage shaped face veils.  Our unique couture construction creates the perfect shape to frame the face with classic millinery veiling.  Add a modern vintage appeal quickly to any outfit.  Our face veils are attached to headbands that are adjustable and very easy to put on.  Wear our face veils for hours at a time.  The veils barely touch the face and do not prevent visibility. 

    They do however create a mystique and quickly become a conversation piece.  You can also move the veil so it drapes over the headband when you desire a different look.  We offer many birdcage veils in different textures and fabrics.  Our shop can help you find the right veil to suit your needs.  The veils can be worn also to cover the back of the head, creating a headscarf look.  Or wear your face veil and your favorite fedora together! Wow, what a look!

    Veils are not just to be worn at weddings or funerals.  They are also great accessories for parties and when ever you need more courage!  Wear your face veil when you need to be brave.  Put on your fashion coat of armor and face the music!  

    Not just wedding white, our face veil come in a variety of colors  We've got red, navy, neon pink and burgundy to name a few.  Burgundy veiling happens to be the most flattering color for the face.

    All face veil styles are created by hand in Jennifer Ouellette's fair trade studio in New York City.

  • Handbags
  • Earmuffs
    Not the usual earmuffs, these will keep you warm and stylish for many winters to come.  Turban earmuffss and extra wide faux fur bands are best selling shapes.

    Designer berets and millinery made in NYC. Berets for cold weather and fashionable fall looks.

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Velvet dotted tule turn into roguish bow. Could be better combination? It's perfect for any occasion and you can use it year round. There is many color available. 


    Small sparkle velvet knot pony. They are cute separately, but together they have power! Chose your favorite colors, band them together on your bun or ponytail and Voila! You are wearing unique hair decoration out from New York's fashion shows. 


      Metal Orchid and Silver Flower with Rhinestones Barrette


      Velour Felt Bowler Hat with Grosgrain Band and Side detail


      Velour Felt Top Hat with Grosgrain Band


      Velour Felt Asymmetrical Ht with Color Stitch Detail and Side Felt Bird


      Velour Felt Fedora Hat Inspired in Northern Lights with Tulle Band and Felt Moon


        Velour Felt Wide Brim at with Adjustable Grosgrain Ties


          Velour Felt Fedora Hat with Silk Chffon Band and Bow at Back


            Lambskin leather french beret is timeless design which you can use year round. This is one of our customers favorite headpiece. All Jennifer's headpieces are made with attention to every detail and this one is no exception. 


              Velour Felt Lace Cut Out Brig Brim Hat with Band


              Velvet Baseball Cap with Tiny Velvet Knot on Top


                Velour Felt Brim with Tapered Crowm and Felt Knot Trim.  Named after Carole Lomard because of its fashionable movie star shape.


                  Gentleman's Hat with big brim.  Made of rabbit fur felt and trimmed with hand painted grosgrain band with feather design


                    Velvet Petite Beret Fascinator with Long Back Bow


                      Create your own look with the long ribbons of this skinny velvet band. Wear it tied behind the neck or wrap it around your head and tie it in the front. Choose the colors of your favorite team like the Met's orange (Capucine) and royal. It's also a gorgeous style headband with 2 neutral colors....


                        Our Super Nova style fascinator made of velvet. Dimensional loops create a spacial design that is modern and fascinating. This headpiece is light weight and very easy to wear. Get this vintage inspired style and experience the mystique of hats. 


                          Frida inspired ruffle headband is made from finest quality velvets! This turban is a Jennifer Ouellette signature headband. Like Frida, we love flowers in our hair. This headband is a winter velvet interpretation of her inspiring looks. This style can be made to order just for you. Choose the...


                            Velvet Skinny Headband Trimmed with Rhinestone Sprays and Bow


                            Velvet Turban Headwrap,  Wrap up this winter with this hat alternative made in jewel toned velvets and classic black. It covers your ears and can be worn many ways. It’s a headwrap that is functional and fashionable.  Perfect fit for any headsize. Made of comfortable velvet that does not collect...


                              Flower ruffle headband in tulle. Inspired by Frida, this style has a center emphasis that appears like flowers. Its made of delicate tulle with an adjustable ruffle at the top of the headband.

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