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Shop women's hats online – Fedora, Turbans, Fascinators &More

It's time to get excited, summer is here! However before you jet off on your summer holidays, don’t leave home without making a bold fashion statement with stylish headwear. If you’re looking to shop women’s hats online, then Jennifer Ouellette is your leading source of headwear for a...

Shop women's hats online – Fedora, Turbans, Fascinators &More

It's time to get excited, summer is here! However before you jet off on your summer holidays, don’t leave home without making a bold fashion statement with stylish headwear. If you’re looking to shop women’s hats online, then Jennifer Ouellette is your leading source of headwear for all occasions. Picnic, wedding, beach, lawn party; we have a summer hat for every event ranging from Fedora, Turbans, and Fascinators, to straw hats for summer, beach hats, and classic summer hats. Whatever your style may be, we have the cutest sun hats for everyone to wear this summer.

We’ve raised the bar when it comes to women’s summer hats; our new summer collection incorporates comfort and style like you’ve never seen before. Fun and flirty, add flair to a plain dress, or even make a stylish statement at an elegant summer party – we’ve got the perfect hat to make you look great, all while protecting you from the sun’s damaging rays. Many of our summer hats are made of lightweight, breathable fabric.

At Jennifer Ouellette, we’ve got everything to make you trendy this summer, it doesn’t simply stop at hats. For those blistering hot summer days, there’s nothing better than sporting a headband or headscarf to keep you cool, while looking great. Not only are they a lighter and more airy form of headwear, but they go with such a wide variety of outfits that it will be a breeze finding the perfect outfit to go with them.

This season we’re reinterpreting bridal veils in new, vintage-inspired, and completely ingenious styles. Wrapped around the neck to double as jewellery, or worn across the shoulders like a modern shawl. If you’re getting married this summer, be sure to browse our collection of summer wedding veils. Our veils come in a variety of lengths, sizes, and designs.




    Women's Winter Hats - Women's Fall Accessories

    City style needs to be warm in the winter, keep your heat contained with one of our winter hats.  Select from our fedoras, newsboy caps, earmuffs, trilbys, and bowlers.  Or see what pops from our selection of fabrics, velvets, felts, or faux fur.  All hats have three year service warranty with purchase.  

    Our women's hat and headband collection is millinery art for the modern woman. Choose your winter topper from this season's richest fabrics and elegant styles. Modern hat styles for winter warmth and beauty.   The collection includes Berets, Earmuffs, Fedoras, Bowlers, Velvet headbands Fascinators, Women’s Turbans, and Fedora Hats

    Express yourself with a hat or hair accessory this season.  Its time to take your style to the next level this winter, shake things up and get noticed.  Shop our hats for women and you'll find feminine styles mixed with unisex styles.  Purchase a hat with your boyfriend, hats are for sharing! 

    Looking for a hat alternative? Buy fair trade fashion and shop our other winter accessories styles..ponytail elastics, hair bands, hair sticks, and hair clips, are a great way to color this grey winter. Be eye-catching and melt the ice!


    Women's Hats Spring & Summer Fashion - Women's Summer Headbands and Hair Accessories

    We offer many ways to complete your own look but when it comes to the summer days.   Our shop can help you find the right hat or hair accessory.  We've got styles for the fashionista, sophisticates and trend setters.  Always elegant and stylish, our women’s summer hats, Fascinators, Women’s Turbans, Fedora Hats will never go out of style.

    Hats add mystery to fashion, and this season's hats are no exception.  Our toppers are never over the top.  We've got just the right mix of pizzazz & versatility. Hats you could wear with a business suit or swim suit.  Or perhaps your look is the timeless T-shirt? No problem, dress up your T-shirt or keep it cool with one of our fedoras.  Shop our hats made of soft, subtle, comfortable, and breathable materials.  We use summer straws made of paper, viscose, and raffia.  All of our hats provide good sun protection and are guaranteed service for three years.

    At Jennifer Ouellette, we also offer ponytail elastics, hair bands and elegant hair clips.  Our accessories are a great way to express your style and give your outfit that finishing touch. Our eye-catching hair accessories are so well made they will become family heirlooms. Our Spring Summer collection is full of innovative designs techniques and the millinery finest materials. 

    All styles are created in Jennifer Ouellette's private fair trade studios in the Dominican Republic and New York City.


    Bridal accessories for the Bride and the Bridesmaids.

    Congratulations this is your year to tie the knot!  Make your wedding day the most memorable with one. Highlight the most important part of yourself, your face, with one of our bridal accessories. Your hairstyle and headwear should do the most to compliment your face and bring out your eyes.  Our collection of bridal accessories is gorgeously subtle, but daring.  Brides always look best when they choose timeless looks and we are here to help you with your decision.   

    Choose from our selection of birdcage veils, satin headbands, wedding fascinators, and sparkly hair accessories.  Of course its best to choose your Jennifer Ouellette bridal headpiece before finding your dress.:)  But no matter what the dress style we've got something to add to your bridal or bridesmaids looks.  Might we suggest the perfect gift for the bridesmaids would be a hair accessory to wear during and after the wedding.

    Not all brides choose to wear white, but we have the best selection of satin and ribbon colors, including white, ivory, cream, beige, misty rose and more.  Also we've got over thirty satin colors to match any bridesmaids dress.  

    At Jennifer Ouellette, our bridal party accessories help celebrate your wedding day!  All bridal accessories are handmade by Jennifer Ouellette and her artisans in her fair trade studios, NYC and the Dominican Republic.  

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Sabrina headpiece made of grosgrain bows. A 1950s style made in your color choice of American made ribbon.


    Made with Luxurious Swiss Satin Ribbon 2" Wide Headband A Classic for Any Bride or Bridesmaid


      Extra Wide Satin Basic - Made with Luxurious Swiss Satin Ribbon - Choose your pop of color, or classic black.  This headband is  2 3/4" Wide and creates the look of a scarf, without the work of tying it in the back.  Adjusts easily to fit your head comfortably all day.  A proven painless...

      $50.00 $20.00
        Reduced price!

        This luxurious matisse is handmade from finest quality fabrics like bengaline, satin and dotted tule. Our components are alway carefully selected by Jennifer's team. This unique matisse will turn every casual outfit into elegant stylization! 


        An easy to wear straw fascinator, dish shaped beret on a headband. A lovely night time city scape revolves along the edge of this hat, Sky scrapers are made of colored straw.  The border of the hat is a sleeping river with a wavy reflection from the half moon above.   Suits any hairstyle and face...


        Solid Grosgrain Extra Wide Center Knot Turban Headband This turban is a Jennifer Ouellette favorite!  Modern meets vintage to add the perfect touch of glamour to your look.  Highlight your face with a turban to match your eye color!   Or get your essential black turban to accent your style all...


          Gems on Basic 1/2" Satin Headband. This headband is made of black, purple, and red gems on a turquoise base.  Each gem is placed by hand by Jennifer and her artisans, the arrangement is unique to each piece.  Wear this headband to sparkle with a dress or jeans.  Adjust to fit any head shape by...


            Handmade Swiss Satin and Vintage Grosgrain Roses Trimmed on Skinny Headband


            Chunky turban handmade from luxurious Swiss satin ribbon.This timeless proposition turns every outfit into unique chic stylization. The most comfortable headbands you will ever wear. Adjust the fit to your head size by bending the ends to reduce or enlarge the circumference of the headband.


              Feather Flower Trimmed With Beads on Small Veil On Satin Wrapped Contour Clip Approx 3 1/2 long


                This retro turban is one of our best selling silhouettes. It's made from finest quality bengaline. Stay fashionable all year with our Turbanista headband. It also has an adjustable head size! It's the most comfortable headband you will ever wear!


                  Leather beret cap headpiece handmade from lambskin with attention to every detail in our New York's studio. This vintage styled cup is perfect finish of your outfit. It's timeless design which you can use year round. 


                    Satin Headpiece Fascinator with Veiling Accented with Bow at Back Available in More Colors


                      Fluffy Large Organza Flower Headpiece on Narrow Grosgrain Headband Perfect Bridal Statement, Top Off Your Dress with this Rose! Available in More Colors: White, Autumn Leaf, Rouge, Blue &  Black

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