Women's winter headwear designed by Jennifer Ouellette, modern millinery with a twist.  Accent your daily style or any occasion.
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"Jersey Print Abstract Coaster Necktie Trimmed Headbandn nCOASTER is inspired by a gentleman's necktie draped, folded and pinned on a lady's headband. Structured loops and folds create this beautiful and timeless design. The widest part of this headpiece measures 3.5""."


Cotton Jersey Print Large Side Bow HeadbandnBow is Wrapped Around Headband


"Grosgrain Abstract Origami Knot Side Trimmed Veil.  Tilted Veil Brim with Folded Edge.  On 1"" Wide Grosgrain Headbandn "


"Recycled Animal Print Felt Pieces are Cut in Different Shapes to Give a Unique Twist to our Basic Silhouette HeadbandnApproximate Width - 1""nRecycled Felt Pieces are Attached to a 1/2"" Wide Grosgrain Headband"


Breakfast at Tiffany's Audrey Hepburn 100% Silk Print Our Basic Wide Headband is Approximately 2 1/2" and Narrows to a Rounded Edge Headband has an Elastic Band For an Easy Fit Lined with Solid Black Bengaline


Blue Metallic Braid with Velvet Ribbon Band Wide HeadbandnWith Velvet Wrap Knot that Pinches Headband at Side Creating an Asymmetric ShapenRibbon Edges Come to a Point at Bottom Edge of HeadbandnTrimmed on Skinny Grosgrain Headband


Two-Tone Reversible Viscuna Turban Head Wrap with Pointed Edges Trimmed with Grosgrain Binding Makes it Easy to Wear on Either Side Width Approx. 1 7/8"


Two-Tone Reversible Viscuna Wide Turban Head Wrap with Rounded Edges Width of Band Approx. 2 3/4" Trimmed with Grosgrain Binding Makes it Easy to Wear Either Color


Tweed Frayed Pleated & Folded Side Detail Trimmed on Wide HeadbandnHeadband Has Rounded Edges For ComfortnAvailable in Many Tweeds & Boucles


    Create your own styles with this veiling headband. Extra wide veiling center knot turban on grosgrain headband.


      Tweed Headpiece with Large Bow Available in Many Tweed and Boucle Options


        3 Elastic Tennis Headbands -- great for the work, the gym, and the girl on the go!  Having a bad hair day?  Just add this band to give your hair a lift and accentuate your face.


        Reversible Satin Headband Can Be Worn as a Mini Visor or Crown Headpiece


          Braided Grosgrain Ribbon Headpiece with Splash of Accent Color.nPictured: Navy with Purple

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          Showing 211 - 224 of 224 items