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Women's winter headwear designed by Jennifer Ouellette, modern millinery with a twist.  Accent your daily style or any occasion.
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This turban is made from finest quality tweeds carefully selected by our team. Best selling headband shape made in Tweed this season. All of our headbands have an adjustable fit.  Bend the ends inward to reduce the circumference for a smaller size or outward to make the headband bigger.  


    Try this velvet & veil headband with a retro dress, or elegant outfit. It's absolute must have in every fashionista wardrobe. This unique headpiece is not only wildly elegant, but also suits every occasion. 


      Extra wide center divot headband made of tulle and trimmed with gold star. This wintery headpiece is perfect solution for all upcoming events. There's two color available. The most comfortable headbands you will ever wear.  Adjust the fit to your head size by bending the ends to reduce or enlarge...


      Wool Riveter Center Knot Inspired by " Rosie the Riveter"


        Extra Wide with Side Bow Draped Chiffon and Metallic Tulle Headband


        You can play with our bengaline veiling covered Carolina headband mixing fabric colors by your own. Create the one that perfectly suits your stylization! By purchasing a Jennifer Ouellette headband you are supporting fair trade fashion. Knowledge is power! Know where your fashion is made.


          This gorgeous headpiece is must have in every fashionista wardrobe! Elegant headband with large bow from handmade best quality bengaline. Our headbands are like little hats. They are built with the finest ingredients by hand to last a lifetime. This style is no exception.


            This couture headpiece is handmade from bengaline - fabric inspired by antique ribbon (grosgrain) what gives it elegance and chic. It's perfect for big nights out, important events and big ceremonies. You can also add some vanguard to your everyday life and wear this unique headpiece on a casual...


              This Abstract Leaves headpiece is hand sculpted and sewn in New York City.  The silhouette is a sophisticated style and easy to wear. It is made of a grosgrain textured fabric, perfect for year round fashion.  Jennifer Ouellette headband are sustainably produced.  Support fair trade fashion!...


                Center Turban Headband in Rose Brocade Fabric. Headband Bottom Edge is Rounded for Comfort Behind Ears.


                This retro turban is one of our best selling silhouettes. It's made from finest quality bengaline. Stay fashionable all year with our Turbanista headband. It also has an adjustable head size! It's the most comfortable headband you will ever wear!


                  This elegant headband is handmade from luxurious silk chiffon. It's couture headband which easily pull together any look. This timeless design is a perfect addition to your wardrobe and style. All of our headbands have an adjustable fit.  Bend the ends inward to reduce the circumference for a...


                    Finesse headband made of elegant tulle. This is a best selling Jennifer Ouellette silhouette! flattering for all at any age, this headband has proven its design perfection. Put a little punk rock in your ballerina look, or simply frame your pretty face while wearing your favorite T-shirt.  

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                    Showing 61 - 90 of 245 items