Women's winter headwear designed by Jennifer Ouellette, modern millinery with a twist.  Accent your daily style or any occasion.
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Extra Wide Center Divot Headband Made of Tulle and Trimmed with Gold Star.


Wool Riveter Center Knot Inspired by " Rosie the Riveter"


    Extra Wide with Side Bow Draped Chiffon and Metallic Tulle Headband


    Bengaline Fabric Covered with Veiling Headband with Loop Bow at Side.


      Center Turban Headband in Rose Brocade Fabric. Headband Bottom Edge is Rounded for Comfort Behind Ears.


      Ostrich Feather Splash Trimmed with Small Swiss Satin Bow at Side On Classic Super Skinny Headband Wrapped with Luxurious Swiss Satin Ribbon Beautiful Accessory for any Bride or Bridesmaid

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        Showing 31 - 60 of 225 items