Women's winter headwear designed by Jennifer Ouellette, modern millinery with a twist.  Accent your daily style or any occasion.
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Tweed Headpiece with Large Bow Available in Many Tweed and Boucle Options


    "Wrapped Velvet Headband Approximately 1/4"" Wide. This is our Skinniest Headband. "


      Classic 1/2" Velvet Ribbon Headband. Update your Look with One of the Many Beautiful Velvet Colors! As Seen on Reese Witherspoon"


        Satin Bow On Black Grosgrain Band With Black Veiling And Black Satin Vintage Leaves. Choose your Satin Bow Color.


          "Leather Norma Side Wrap Turban. U.S. Patented Headband which Greatly Increases Comfort. Pictured: Black & English Tan"


            Velour Felt Bow Tie Headpiece With Contrasting Center Bow Stitch Of Jennifer's Choice. Wonderful small shapes overlapping to create a 50s style headpiece And its so easy to wear!!!


              Draped chiffon extra wide headband with side knot bow. Made with 100% silk.


                "Denim Side Knot Turban with Contrast Stitch Headband LANA is the best selling side turban!  The side knot falls in just the right place. It gives you a little height and is complimentary to the shape of the face. This style is named after Lana Turner, who was often seen in turbans on and off the...


                  Narrow Velvet Headband with Specks of Gold. Add a Little Bit of Sparkle to Your Night!


                    Comfortable Winter Headband for All Womenn nCreate your own styles with this classic millinery felt basic turban with criss-crossing trim detail.n n


                      "Extra Large Side Bow Horse Hair HeadbandnTrimmed with Velvet Binding Along Bow EdgenOn 1"" Wide Grosgrain Headband"


                      Center Turban Headband in SuedenHeadband Bottom Edge is Rounded for Comfort Behind EarsnAvailable in Many Suede Colors


                        Dotted Tulle Wide Center Turban HeadbandnOur classic knot turban looks great on everyone!


                        Center Turban Headband in Metallic TullenBottom Edge is Rounded for Comfort Behind the Ears


                          Center Turban Headband in TweednBottom Edge is Rounded For Comfort Behind Ears


                            Abstract Triangle Shaped Recycled Felt Pieces Trimmed Wide HeadbandnTrimmed on Grosgrain HeadbandnAvailable in Many Felt Color OptionsnColors Shown are nAlabaster, Black, Red Purple, Ruby Red, Taupe, Petrol


                              "Grosgrain Abstract Origami Knot Side Trimmed Veil.  Tilted Veil Brim with Folded Edge.  On 1"" Wide Grosgrain Headbandn "


                              Create your own styles with this veiling headband. Extra wide veiling center knot turban on grosgrain headband.


                                A Jennifer Ouellette Favorite!nCenter Knot Turban Headband in Grosgrain Ribbon


                                  Silk Print Center Turban HeadbandnBottom Edge is Rounded for Comfort Behind Ears


                                  Draped Silk Chiffon Print Trimmed with Side Knot Bow On Extra Wide Headband


                                    Add Some Rock 'n Roll to Your Style Metal Studded Wide Grosgrain Side Turban Headband

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