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Frida Kahlo Inspired Floral Headpiece - a mixture of Yellow Vintage and new flowers.  


Vintage Flower Headpiece, taupe and pink mixed 1950s flowers.  Inspired by Frida Kahlo.


Vintage and new flowers combined with antique berries and leaves to create an extravagant colorful headpiece.  Inspired by Frida Kahlo.  "I paint flowers so they do not die." Frida Kahlo As Seen in Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine


Pastel Floral Frida Inspired Headpiece made of Vintage and New Flowers.


Double Flower Ponytail Holder.  Vintage Inspired Organza Fluffy Petite Flower with Peps.  


    Silk Fluffy Fowers on Stretch Band - Hand Painted.  Can be used as a headband or a pony.


    White Daisies, Red Velvet Berries with Dangling Red Vintage Flower Hops On Grosgrain Headband As Pictured As Seen in Allure Magazine - also wearing ELOR5 Organza Pom Pom Flower on Elastic Headband As Seen in Marie Claire


    Yellow & Pink Flower Trimmed Headband Inspired by Frida Kahlo As Seen In Allure Magazine - Also pictured wearing FRD3 Floral Headband


    Purple, Pink & Yellow Flower Trimmed Headband. Inspired by Frida Kahlo. Red Vintage Flower Hops On Grosgrain Headband As Seen in Allure Magazine


    Organza Pom Pom Flower And Leaves With Satin Bow On Elastic Tennis Band As Seen in Allure Magazine As Seen in Lucky June 2012


      Layered Vintage Satin Leaves covered with Millinery Veiling


      Vintage Satin Leaves Following a Narrow Band.  Basic and Beautiful for A Dressy Occasion, Brides and BridesMaids. Or Wear It With Your Favorite Vintage Dress!


        Wreath Of Berries Trimmed with Bow On Basic Skinny Swiss Satin OR Velvet Headband


        Organza Flower Pom Pom & Veiling Trimmed Fascinator Headpiece.  As seen in Nylon Magazine, wear it with your little black dress.


        Velvet Leaves Headband On Elastic.nPictured: Red and Mauve.


          Large Organza Side Flower Trimmed Headpiece on Skinny Grosgrain Headband.  Make a Statement!


          Velour Felt Lily with Contrast Peps - trimmed at the side of grosgrain headband. Color pictured is Royal Velour with Black Velour Accent


            Linen and Straw Ivory Flowers and Bow Headpiece.  Perfect Summer Elegance!


            Frida Inspired Flower Trimmed Headpiece - A perfect millinery combination of vintage and new flowers. A layered bouquet with cascading flowers that provide movement.


            Satin Bow On Black Grosgrain Band With Black Veiling And Black Satin Vintage Leaves. Choose your Satin Bow Color.


              Twiggys - Millinery Toyo Straw Wrapped Skinny Headbands.  


                Fancy Tulle Large Side Bow Headband Casual or Glamour, Dress up or Down, Day to Night, Off Duty Chic, this Headband has you Covered!


                2" Wide Basic Jennifer Ouellette Original Headband - don't settle for the imposters!  Experience the difference!


                  Basic Extra Wide Grosgrain Headband -- looks like a scarf, and never goes out of style  Adjust the fit for any head size and hair cut!  2 3/4" Wide  Classic Style


                    Add Some Rock 'n Roll to Your Style Metal Studded Wide Grosgrain Side Turban Headband

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                      Showing 31 - 60 of 70 items