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Classic Jennifer Ouellette Basic Style Headband in Retro Stripes.  This 2" wide stripe suits women 12 and up.  A fashion staple for every wardrobe, this striped headband is always in style.  Our best selling designs are the most comfortable headbands you'll ever wear.  After 22 years in business...


Flower rhinestone headband is handmade from finest quality components what makes it look like elegant piece of jewelry. Forget about your pendants, bracelets and earrings for a moment - wear our elegant headband and become the queen of every party! 


This unique headband is made from French three dimensional chiffon. This look instantly makes a statement and will elevate any outfit. It's our next timeless look which you can wear all year round. 


This piece features luxurious velvet leaves attached to skinny headband, with delicate veil in the front. Our unique fascinator is perfect for all cocktail parties and big nights out. Don't have an occasion? Put this fascinator on and you'll be the conversation piece!


Our classic headband in silky version. This turban is made from finest quality silks, get one and feel the difference! By implementing sustainable practices, Jennifer’s studios and designs are environmentally friendly.   If you like this design you can also check:...


This design is perfect for little details lovers. It's made from black satin and it might look really basic at the first glance but when we put some light on it we can admire elegant floral print! Our headbands are like little hats, gorgeous pieces of millinery for the modern woman on the go.


This center turban is must have in every fashionista wardrobe! Our Headband is made from floral satin in the most elegant color combination! All of our designs are sustainably produced in NYC and the Dominican Republic. 


Floral print side turban is available in two color's varieties. You can never have enough turbans. Order your bespoke headband today!


This gorgeous headband is made from best quality printed satin. You will fall in love with this design from the fist sight. The most comfortable headbands you will ever wear. Adjust the fit to your head size by bending the ends to reduce or enlarge the circumference of the headband.


Our abstract leaves headpiece is crafted from best quality silks and bengaline. This style is a favorite for the upcoming season. Jennifer’s designs have been responsibly produced in her private studios since 1996. 


This retro silhouette is handmade from finest quality silks selected carefully by Jennifer's team. All of our headbands have an adjustable fit.  Bend the ends inward to reduce the circumference for a smaller size or outward to make the headband bigger.  


Silk stain print headband with bengaline lining. This retro headpiece is must have in your wardrobe on this season! Get this headband and experience the difference of Jennifer’s style and quality.


    Elegant double felt flower inspired by gods of Olympus. We know that every woman likes to look like a Greek goddess and this gorgeous piece of millinery makes you feel that way! Our headbands are like little hats.  They are built with the finest ingredients by hand to last a lifetime.  


      Black velvet hairband with long detachable bow. When you get bored of the classic form, you can use the flower part as a retro fashionable scarf. Voila! Another beautiful piece of millinery from Jennifer Ouellette. This is pony is perfect to wear year round.


        Handmade Swiss Satin and Vintage Grosgrain Roses Trimmed on Skinny Headband


        Black Fancy Tulle with Multi Color Satin Leaves and Side Bow Headband


        Delicate Organza Flowers With Leaves Trimmed with Satin Bow At Side On Basic Satin Headband. Perfect for Bridal Accessory for Brides or Bridesmaids!


          Metal Flower Barrette With Swarovski Crystal Beads. Makes a Great Bridal Accessory. Length 4 1/2" Pictured: Silver And Bronze


          Large Silk Rose With Hanging Buds on Large Barrette


          Organza Flower with rhinestone center and straw stem and leaf trim.  This clip is attached to a contour clip.


          Frida Inspired Headpiece with Vintage Flowers - a mixture of vintage and new flowers at the side of narrow grosgrain headband.


          Pale Pink and Peach Mixed Roses made of  Grosgrain Ribbon by hand.

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          Showing 1 - 30 of 73 items