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Jennifer Ouellette in the Epoch Times

milinery hat blocks

Antique wooden hat blocks which are used to shape the hats are on shelves at the Jennifer Ouellette studio. (Benjamin Chasteen/The Epoch Times)

The Art and Business of a Manhattan Milliner


Milliner Jennifer Ouellette has managed to stitch together the best of old and new business practices—a challenging pursuit when practicing one of fashion’s oldest art forms. She’s combined a concern for the environment and the livelihood of her staff with painstaking, traditional craftsmanship. The results are hats that seem to transcend time.

The only millinery currently producing in Manhattan’s garment district, Ouellette’s studio takes customers back to an era when society ladies never left home without a hat and a pair of gloves.

The workshop, designed and decorated to resemble a retro boutique, holds surprises in every corner.

For 20 years—starting before it was fashionable to do so—Ouellette has been dedicated to creating a fair-trade brand. To accomplish this goal, all of her products had to be created in-house to guarantee the quality of the manufacturing techniques as well as the conditions for her workers.

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