Not the usual earmuffs, these will keep you warm and stylish for many winters to come.  Turban earmuffss and extra wide faux fur bands are best selling shapes.
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Faux Fur Earmuffs with Center Divot for the Winter Turban Look


    Boucle turban earmuffs. Stay Warm this Winter in Style! Pictured: Ivory with Navy Arrows


      Faux Mink Earmuff Wide Headband With Mohair Lining. Perfect Winter Accessory! Stay Warm All Winter Long.


        Earmuffs Headpiece made of Faux Fur in Electric Colors Click here to see the pom pom ponytail holders or search PY307 http://www.jenniferouellette.com/fall-winter-2016/2398-py307-faux-fur-pom-pom-pony.html...


          Double Knit Wide Jersey Front Pleated Twist Headband that covers your ears. Approximately 4 1/2" Wide at Back Available Colors: Black, Grey, Red


          Animal Print Faux Fur Earmuffs with Mohair Lining The Perfect Winter Accessory!


          Boucle Side Divot Turban Earmuffs Keep Warm this Winter in Style!


            Recycled JO Tweed & Boucle Mix Patchwork Earmuffs With Center Divot


            Boucle Turban Infinity Earmuff Headband Adjustable to fit your head and keep you warm


              Our #1 Selling Earmuffs in a Fun New Faux Fur with PVC Dots. Approximately 3 1/2" Wide. Stay Warm All Winter Long!


              Keep Your Ears Covered in the Winter Chill. Our #1 Faux Fur Earmuffs Now in Grey Leopard Print. Approximately 4" Wide


              Faux Beaver or Faux Fox Fur Large Cuddle Cap.  Stay Warm All Winter Long.


                A New Twist on Our Classic Earmuffs.  Tweed Earmuffs with Cap Visor.  Available in Many Different Tweeds & Boucle Fabrics Pictured: Red Blue Houndstooth Wool, Winter Dot, Obama Boucle & Bacall


                  Extra Fluff French Faux Fur Earmuffs to Keep You Warm Through the Winter

                  Showing 1 - 22 of 22 items