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Grosgrain Ribbons Stitched Together in a One of a Kind Jennifer Ouellette Stripe Pattern Wide Stripe Grosgrain Headband Trimmed with Wrapped and Twisted Large Side Bow


Dotted Tulle Covered Satin Side Turban Headband Available in More Colors


Draped Extra Wide Silk Print Chiffon Headband. Can be worn extra wide or gathered to desired width. As Seen in Bridal Guide November/December 2012


2" Wide Jennifer Ouellette Basic Style Headband in Retro Stripes


Vintage Grosgrain Ribbon Headpiece. Ribbon draped into a small hat-like shape 


Luxurious Swiss Fishbone Ribbon Center Knot Turban Headband Give A Chic Polished Look to Your Outfit!!!


Grosgrain Ribbons Stitched Together Create a One of A Kind Grosgrain Stripe Wide Grosgrain Stripe Headband with Center Knot Unique Stripes Created from Vintage Ribbons


Seersucker Lilly Flower Trimmed Headband With Hidden Elastic Makes it an Easy Fit

Showing 1 - 16 of 16 items